Details for at_business3 - J2.5.x /J3.x

at_business3 -  J2.5.x /J3.x
Property Value
  • J2.5.x/J3.x compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • Extensions price is inclusive
  • Custom template color at your choice
  • Static and Fluid Screen Resolution
  • Header slideshow (with simple fade effect or other effects)
  • Text description for each photo
  • Links for each photo
  • Fast loading template
  • Body font size chooser
  • Body font style chooser (choose between different font style)
  • Template background chooser (default background or upload your own from admin panel)
  • Enable/Disable template background image
  • Template background color chooser
  • Three columns layout
  • Switch between column (left or right)
  • Logo options (choose between text or image logo)
  • Menu selector (select different menus for horizontal menu)
  • Menu color chooser
  • Social media links (Enable/Disable social media links)
  • Collapsible module positions
  • Drop-down style modules
  • Tabs Module
  • Log in / Register Module (J2.5.x)
  • Newsflash module 
  • Table-less and 100% CSS based design
  • Template installation help file
  • All browsers compatible
  • 24/7 free email support

Module Positions